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flash sale from monday 25 november to wednesday 04 december (inclusive), take advantage of a discount on the purchase of two race entries for the 2020 schneider electric marathon de paris. what better way to convince your best friend, brother, sister or work colleague to join you on the start line

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thanks to asics, your schneider electric marathon de paris 2015 is recorded by 16 high definition quality cameras along the track. to view your race in streaming hd on the internet go to the results and enter your name or race number and click on the video camera button in the videos section. the cameras were located at avenue daumesnil (21,1km), voie georges pompidou (25 km), avenue de prsident du kennedy (30km), place de la porte dauteuil (35km), alle de longchamp (40km) and of course the finish!

with the following race, julien casoli is looking forward to putting the 2018 season behind him with a run at the double crown of the french and french disabled sport marathon championships in the form of the schneider electric marathon de paris. this year, the race was held at the end of may, so it is now a little more than 6 months away!

the salle des marteurs is located in the heart of the 7th arrondissement of paris, close to the place de la république and the place de la nation. the site also features a museum and a unique environmental system. in 2016, the schneider electric marathon de paris will hold its marathon and para-sport races in the stadium's athletic park.

the men's race came to a close as the race to the finish line. american michael salazar claimed the victory, crossing the finish line in 2:22:22. the american kenny moore was second, just over 2 minutes behind salazar. pablo uberti of colombia took third with a time of 2:23:43. noel taverne of switzerland finished fourth in 2:24:13. as expected, the women's race also saw a race to the finish line. anna beihon of germany finished in 2:29:56, just ahead of american stephanie brown with a time of 2:30:02. karen ng of hong kong took third place with a time of 2:30:53. tania gabriela of argentina finished in fourth with a time of 2:31:08. a total of 2569 athletes competed in the schneider electric marathon de paris. an overall time of 3:01:08 was recorded, which is an all-time record for the race.


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