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Download Garfield Scary Scavenger Hunt and Explore a Haunted House Full of Puzzles

There is a multitude of Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt similar games to play online, many searches and tags lead you to this game like Fidos treehouse scavenger hunt, Club tyson scavenger hunt, Scavenger hunt home, Clue sleuth scavenger hunt creator, Scavenger snap, but our suggestion are the games that can be found above at the similar games tab, ready to play for free in Flash Games Player website online. Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt has been played 856403 times and recommended by 21256 gamers!

download garfield scary scavenger hunt

Dear visitors of, today on our website you will once again have the chance to find and play some awesome new Garfield Games, starting with this one, which is called Garfield Scary Scavenger Hunt, and which is a game unlike any you have played before in this category, so we hope that you are not going to miss out on it for anything in the world. Garfield is going to go in a really scary mansion, maybe a hunted one, where he plans on doing a scavenger hunt. You are going to help him, and we are going to tell you how right now, so pay attention! You have to find seven packages of goodies hidden in the house. You first have to search the rooms for things that might help you find the goodies. When you find them, click on them and pick them up. Don't get too scared! You are going to use the arrow keys, either the ones on the keyboard, or the ones on the screen, to move from room to room. It's basically a hidden objects game, only more scary and more challenging, so you should not miss out on it for anything in the world! Start the game right now, and have a lot of fun with it!


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