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8Dio Instant Ukulele Guitar Bundle KONTAKT

Ample Sound is a well-known Chinese company that is known for its large number of top-quality sounding plugins. They have everything from virtual folk instruments to metal guitars and basses. And the ukulele is no exception here.

8Dio Instant Ukulele Guitar Bundle KONTAKT


UKU is a beautiful ukulele library from the French company Acousticsamples, which has taken care of both the sound quality and the vastness of the settings. Thanks to the mods present here, you can create any ukulele accompaniment you need. And the ability to use a MIDI guitar makes UKU even more versatile. A nice bonus for users will also be the simple 3-bend EQ and reverb.

In recent years, ukuleles have become increasingly popular in pop music. A somewhat experienced guitarist or someone with some music theory knowledge might be able to play and even master these string instruments.

The Chinese company Ample Sound is well known for its wide selection of high-quality sounding plug-ins. There is a wide range of instruments available, from virtual folk instruments to metal guitars and basses. No instrument is exempt from this rule, including the ukulele.

Charles is here and I am guitar and ukulele enthusiast. Been playing these instruments for over 10 years now and I decided to share some of my knowledge and expertise with the world in terms of these stringed instruments and it's accessories.


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