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Color Of My Sound [Ch.2 Pt. B V6]

Finally, each of the three Apple Watch Ultra editions comes with one of three different Loop watch bands. These are Ocean Loop (left), Trail Loop (middle), and Alpine Loop (right). I show them extensively in the video above, along with the different colors they have for each.

Color of My Sound [Ch.2 Pt. B v6]


Working in a music store in Austin, Texas, I spent a few years manufacturing, installing, repairing, and operating sound systems. Our customers were recording studios, nightclubs, and touring bands. Eventually I moved back to Charlottesville, Virginia and opened a small demo recording studio. In 2006, I finally came to my senses and got this job at Crutchfield. They actually pay me to ramble on, rant, and explain the things I love about music, electronics, and getting good sound.

Given my background, they put me to work writing about some of the most complex electronic products Crutchfield sells: car amplifiers, digital signal processors, wiring, professional sound mixers, and PA systems.

I have a sony stereo im trying to put back in my car i have all the wires connected by color but there is a illumination wire i dont know where it goes and when i plug it in theres power to the stereo but it wont do anything any suggestions?

I have a 2006 bmw z4 i went to a professional installation shop to have a new after market radio installed along with a new amp (it was a pioneer radio). I bought the correct wire harness and all. Once installed a few days later after driving the car and hearing music my speakers will sound like they are popping or staticky. Also when i speed up it will happen more frequently. BUT, when i turn off my car and turn my key too ACC (Option before turning on your car on the ignition) MY RADIO PLAYS WILL NO EFFECTS! JUST HOW IT SHOULD PLAY. I took it to the shop and after two hours they said it was the radio was defective. So i sent the radio back and amp(just to be sure) and a new wire harness and bought another new aftermarket radio and another new amp. this time it was a JENSEN touch screen aftermarket radio. So i took it back to the shop and they installed it. two days later with a new aftermarket radio of another brand, a new amp, new wire harness I am back to square one. Same thing is happening popping speakers on one side if not the other side but I turn my car off and put the key on the ignition to ACC and the radio is playing PERFECT. What could be wrong? help please

I have two p3 shallows 12 and a 3000 watt amp, the problem that im having is that ever since i went to a cruise i was playing the music load for a good while and now my speakers wont play only when they want too. The amp doesnt go into protect mode and the speakers dont sound nasty when they do start playing i checked all the speaker wires and they are all good i so idk if its the amp or the speakers

Hi, I have installed a reversing camera in my 2014 Toyota HiLux, works well, but since doing this I have lost reception to am and fm radio. The radio appears to work well, just sounds like the aerial is not connected.Music from my phone works well through bluetooth, just no radioCheers, John

I have a sony xav602bt double dinive fitted a wireless veyron mirror link box that runs into aux1 I have video but no soundI have the red and white rca cables running into aux1 audio in but still havent got no sound coming throughI was told I have to run a seperate earth wire from back of head unit to chassis/earth point is this correct as ive not got a clue thanks for your help if any at all

I have a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer that the previous owner had spliced wires and installed a after-market radio. We attempted to remove and install a new Head Unit using the same wire scheme and looking up what colors go to what after-market wires. I do not have on star. I am not getting power.

I guess my next question would be if i bought this interface which i have found cheaply will then need to undo the spliced wires and then wire the After-market HU to the interface and cap them wires then do the same from the factory wiring to the interface..will the colors be similar or will i need to map out the colors again..i figure the two orange wires didnt matter since they are similar..just rather they are hooked to the constant or ignition

Radio on my 2006 Honda Accord LX (no GPS) started cutting in and out. Sometimes cuts off for a couple days and then starts working until it eventually cuts out again. Power to the display but no sound. Any ideas on what to look for would be appreciated.

Just hooked up a new head unit and every works great. I have an amp and a sub hooked to it and it sounds great. The only problem I am having is when initially turn on the unit it has very little high range sound. When I push the treble up or down button or even the bass up and down button everything goes back to normal. It also does the same thing if I switch between application on my touch screen. I believe everything is wired correctly. Ever heard of this?

I have a 1985 Cadillac Fleetwood and it had the cassette deck stereo. I bought a install kit and when I plug into the factory harnesses the new stereo will turn on and I get sound from left side F&R only absolutely nothing from right side. Install guide said that the orange wire from factory is the constant. Hiwever, there are 1 orange and 2 orange with black stripe from right side of old stereo. I tapped into the orange just as the illustration said and I get power but no memory and no right channel and I know the speakers work as I plugged old one back in and it works as intended. Please help!!

I have a Kenwood stereo in my 1970 Mustang. Works fine with driver door open but no sound when you close the door. Do you think this is wiring to the speakers or a ground issue. Thanks for your help!

I installed a jvc kd-sr60 in a 47 ford pickup (converted to 12v w/single wire alt.) the radio works fine with switch on but as soon as I start engine its all static with short burst of sound, shut engine off an radio works fine, tried running power and ground straight from Batt., same thing ,also tried new radio, same thing, even when playing cd, can you please help? Thanks for your time, David

I brought my 2010 Dodge Charger to Chrysler Dealership for problem with car radio. My radio works fine for 5minutes sometimes a half hour then the audio just shuts off, no sound and adjusting volume, nothing. But when I stop and turn off ignition for a minute or two. I all returns to normal unit it happens again. The Dealership wants me to replace radio at the sum of almost $800.00. This ridiculous!!!

Hi I have a 1998 cavalier rs um I installed a new after market stereo, the problem im having is that when I turn on the car the stereo works but no sound but if I unplug the harness and replug it the sound works perfectly but when I turn of the stereo/ car and turn it back I have to do the same thing over and over again I dont think its bad harness cuz if it is it shouldnt even make a sound when I plug it back in but it does!!!

Hi guys. I am having a really weird problem. I own a Dodge Stratus. 2005. I just took out the old stock system and bought the car specific wiring harness. I wired it all up according to color codes but when I got done I started my car and then it died after 2 seconds when my stereo turned on. Also none of my guages will work when it fires and the odometer says no bus. I can get my car to run just fine if I unplug the radio harness. It has something to do with my radio and I cannot figure out what it is. Help me please? Its an Eclipse radio.

Installed a new Pioneer DEH-x6700BT on an 06 Altima w/ Plastic mounting kit. Problem #1 is the poor radio reception for regular radio stations. Buying an aftermarket antenna since stock is a windshield antenna. Problem #2 is the significant drop of highs overall. Highs sound weaker than factory stereo. All car speakers are connected well. No EQ setting will fix this. Stuck with this problem. Advise?

2015 Audi A3 mmi 4g lte system- cut into factory front speaker wires to run to loc to get signal to my after market amps- now, 4 months later, no output on rf channel, and factory HU still shows output voltage on those leads, but no sound???????

I just installed a Sony MEX-BT3800U deck in my 2003 Honda civic. As soon as I installed it, it worked fine. I was able to turn up the sound, changed inputs, every thing was functional. I then paired my iPhone 6 with the blutooth and now it is not functional. To turn on the stereo I need to press the eject button and do the same to change the sources. I cannot change songs when the cd I had in there is playing, I cannot eject the CD, and The volume is stuck at one level. Now the person who installed it just used the wiring harness that was already on the stereo. Do you think changing it to the Honda wiring harness will make a difference?

I have a toyota Vitz 2003 radio which although has its power on, the sound takes a few minutes to come. Sometimes it takes more than 15min. This happens more frequently in summer times.Should someone have experienced such problem, please let me know what might be the problem as I have already had some attempts with my techs but to no avail as the fault is more like intermittent although very frequent.

I have a 1999 Mercedes C230 that I put a Kenwood BT362u in, I used a wiring harness adapter and everything turns on and plays and there is sound from all the speakers. My issue is that the display illumination is not bright at all. I have turned the display brightness all the way up but when I turn the car on I cannot see or read the display at all. I do not have the orange or orange black wires attached to anything.

hi i bought a car with pioneer car stereo and with ryan audio car amp. my problem is when the engine is on you can hear the engine noise into the speaker, and when you turn off the engine it sound smoothly. what should i do?

installed a new stereo in my 1980 corvette new speaker wires new power and ground wires the deck runs fine and sounds good but after a few minutes the deck heats up and the deck begins to cut out tried several decks with same outcome the deck is receiving a constant 13.7 volts HELP please 041b061a72


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