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Staphylococcus aureus intramammary infections (IMIs) have low cure rates using standard antibiotic treatment and increasing the duration of treatment usually improves therapeutic success. Chronic IMIs are thought to be caused by bacteria presenting a specific virulence phenotype that includes the capacity to produce greater amounts of biofilm. In this study, antibiotic susceptibility and biofilm production by S. aureus isolates recovered from IMIs that were cured or not following an extended therapy with cephapirin, pirlimycin or ceftiofur for 5, 8 and 8 days, respectively, were compared. An isolate was confirmed as from a persistent case (not cured) if the same S. aureus strain was isolated before and after treatment as revealed by the same VNTR profile (variable number of tandem repeats detected by multiplex PCR). The antibiotic minimal inhibitory concentrations (MICs) were determined for these isolates as well as the capacity of the isolates to produce biofilm. Isolates from persistent cases after extended therapy with cephapirin or ceftiofur had higher MICs for these drugs compared to isolates from non-persistent cases (p

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This VNTR analysis aimed at excluding the possible cases of a cure followed by a new infection with a distinct S. aureus isolate or also cases in which multiple strains could be involved. Isolates before and after extended therapy were considered as the same strain, from a persistent case, if their electrophoretic VNTR profiles were identical. If the isolates before and after extended therapy showed different VNTR profiles, this case was excluded from the study.

The incidence of new IMI may increase with duration of intramammary treatments [2]. Indeed, some studies that have evaluated the efficacy of extended antibiotherapies reported an increase in new IMI rates [10, 11, 16]. It was reported that new infections with E. coli or Klebsiella can occur during extended therapy. New IMIs can also occur between the end of a treatment and post-treatment samplings, which may appear as a therapeutic failure. In the present study, we used VNTR analysis to validate persistent cases. We found that some cases that were initially considered persistent IMIs based on the bacteriological analysis of milk samples needed to be re-classified as either potentially cured and followed by a new infection or cases in which multiple strains were involved since post-therapy samplings revealed S. aureus isolates having different VNTR profiles. VNTR analysis is therefore a useful tool to quickly discriminate between a persistent case and more complex cases where distinct strains are observed. VNTR analysis was also used to discriminate epidemic strains from sporadic strains in hospitals [17]. The effectiveness of VNTR as a molecular typing tool make VNTR analysis highly comparable to more complex methods such as PFGE and MLST [12, 18]. VNTR analysis can thus provide information on the diversity of isolates present in a herd, identify predominant clones and help management of IMIs [2].

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Recent evidence shows that only a small percentage of relatives pursue follow-up testing,1,2 despite having up to a 50% risk of having the same variant. Reasons for not pursuing testing include lack of knowledge about the potential disease risk, family communication barriers, lack of access to genetics services, and cost of testing.3,4

In order to help resolve variants of uncertain significance in Invitae panel test results, we offer follow-up testing at no additional charge to family members of patients previously tested at Invitae when the testing may clarify the relationship between the variant and the genetic condition. Not all variants can be resolved through this kind of analysis. 041b061a72


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