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Puzzle Chronicles PSN

Here is a puzzle game/RPG in the same vein as Puzzle Quest, made by the same people as Puzzle Quest, and coming to virtually every platform imaginable (PSP, DS, XLA, PSN, and possibly more), and yet nothing was announced at the event. Sure, they had the game ready to play with a laptop and an Xbox controller, but when you and another journalist sit down and play the game for a full 15 minutes before a representative comes over, something seems fishy.

Puzzle Chronicles PSN

Players set off on a quest for revenge in the savage lands ofthe Ashurin Empire, which is full of sorceresses, warlords, savagedemons. Traveling far and wide through enchanting environments,players will battle enemies with a new puzzle combat system thatchallenges players to think fast and act strategically in order todefeat their opponents. Using powerful physical and magicalattacks, players will unleash devastating physical attacks andpowerful magical spells to gain the upper hand to defeat the manyenemies that lie throughout the Empire.

Full of entertaining characters and enchanting environments, thenew puzzle combat system is based on real time action as playershave to think fast and act strategically in order to defeat theiropponents. Adding to the replay value, gamers will have theopportunity to battle sinister wizards, huge monsters, and eviloverlords in Quick Battle mode. Gamers can level up their characterthrough a diverse skill tree full of magical and physical attacksas well as level up their Warbeast. As another way to enjoy thegame, players can challenge their friends to multiplayer battlesvia local WiFi on the Nintendo DS and the PlayStationPortable oracross the internet on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStationNetwork andPC platforms.

Dream Chronicles (originally titled Dream Chronicles: The Endless Slumber) is a 2007 adventure, hidden object, and puzzle casual game developed by KatGames and published by PlayFirst. It is the first installment in the series.

Set in a mystical world where mortal and fairy realms collide, the game tells the story of a mortal woman named Faye who is the only being able to awaken from a powerful fairy's dream spell. She embarks on an adventure through a dream world to find her fairy husband and save her hometown. To solve the mystery, players must complete puzzles and search for clues leading to the whereabouts of Faye's husband.[10]

Dream Chronicles is a seek-and-find adventure game. Its gameplay consists of a series of puzzles that the player must solve to reach the next chapter. Each scene incorporates one or more puzzles. Most involve searching for and making use of hidden objects, while others are logic puzzles. Players are required to collect items from the scene and put them back where they belong.

When the player enters a room or location for the first time, the main character, Faye, makes an entry statement, serving as brief instructions for the player. Almost all objects in a room can be described to the player by Faye.[11] Items can be collected and placed in the inventory. Once there, the player can use them on other objects, and combine them to solve puzzles. Unlike "hardcore" adventure games, items only function within the room in which they are collected, and not in future puzzles. Solving the puzzle at hand unlocks the door to the next location.[12] The game itself is separated into many segments, separated by cut-scenes that tell the story through the main character Faye's point of view.

Miguel Tartaj shared his thoughts when KatGames became a PlayFirst's partner: "We knew that an adventure game like Dream Chronicles was going to be unique for our team and unique for the casual games industry. [...] The iterative nature of a story-based game like Dream Chronicles was going to require a much higher degree of flexibility throughout the game's design and development process. Each new scene involved unique graphics, puzzles, and story elements, so we knew that it wouldn't all be 'figured out' upfront. I prefer to work more iteratively and put pieces together to try things out as we go along. PlayFirst's willingness to accept this fact was something that I appreciated in terms of my work style. Not only being able to work this way, but to also be supported in doing it was a great advantage for my team. We truly were able to 'dream' as we went along."[17]

The puzzle part is played on a board with vertical divider line in the middle. The goal is to push the divider line back to decrease the opponent's territory until no more moves are possible. This is done by matching groups of three gems into like colours along the divider line. These groups fall on the board horizontally. Pushing the divider line back is done by destroying rage gems. There are also special abilities and a sidekick known as a Warbeast that attacks the enemy when a sufficient amount of gems of certain colour has been cleared.

Removing gems also enables the player to collect mana, power spells and items that are then used to attack the opponent and reduce their board space. In addition to the main puzzle game, there are five other mini-games ranging from upgrading the Warbeast companion to crafting new items, while navigating a number of different maps and completing simple quests.

Puzzle Chronicles comes to us from Konami and Infinite Interactive, the makers of several successful crossover puzzle/RPG titles such as Puzzle Quest and Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. While at first glance this might appear to be the same game with a different skin, let me warn you that it is not! Other than the fact this is a puzzle/RPG hybrid, the similarities stop there.

As a compilation of multiple PC titles, there are some discrepancies between the various episodes included in this package. The first chunk, for example, is laughably short; we finished it in less than an hour. The puzzles are repeated over and over, with slight differences, and then dumped entirely for the second instalment, which has its own brainteasers to solve. Most of these use basic logic or maths, although some are more Biblical focused, such as spinning wheels to put famous passages into the right order. 041b061a72


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