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Neviks - I Didn't Know (Original Mix)

But that might not be a problem with the Taycan. Porsche says its optional tinted panoramic roof (check out the pink-ish hue from outside when you catch it in certain lights) is engineered to keep the Taycan cool even in roasting hot temperatures, so it simply doesn't need a sunshade of any kind. Admittedly we didn't get a chance to test this properly given it's, y'know, winter. So watch this space.

neviks - I Didn't Know (Original Mix)

Erik began his career as an intern at EY. He accidentally ended up in the cybersecurity team and was asked to assist in pen testing. At that time, he didn't know he could make money in the field. He signed on at EY in 2008 and didn't look back. Over time, he evolved from pure pen testing/red team to doing more blue/purple team work today. 041b061a72


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